An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama gone Amazing!

What an honor: this Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama was everything I could have hope this event would be.  Just to be in her presence was a gift.  She is very real, honest and poignant.  This Capital One arena is packed like a concert. I was extremely excited when actress Phylicia Rashad came out before Michele and the crowd went bananas. Mrs. Obama made sure to explain to people about her story especially how important the black men in her life were.  She explained that they were present and influential.

Literally, She is us and we are her.

She also spoke in dept about her father and his death.

She also had a good friend who died when she was young that shape the way she views her life right now.  She also spoke in depth about grief and how she dealt with it. Former FLOTUS spoke so eloquently and she often questions what her legacy would be if she passed away at an early age because all she was doing was checking boxes. She literally was so funny and transparent about her life and she needs women to get there education first before focusing on a man. Michelle Obama wants us to take our time to get to know a man first.

She also spoke about being responsible for her own happiness.  She made a point to say that this task of happiness was not and is not her husband’s responsibility. I was so surprised that she advocated counseling being one of the biggest keys to marriage and a happy one at that.  

All in all this was a spectacular event and I was so uber excited that I got to witness history.

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