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Ask Men (What You Really Want To Know) Relationship Forum

Hosted by: Millie in the City

On Saturday April 16, 2016, Millie in the City, will be Hosting a Relationship Forum to end all Relationship Forums.  The Title of the Event is: ASK MEN (What you Really Want To Know).  The most exciting part about this event is that there will be an ALL SINGLE MALE PANEL.  That’s right!  30 Single Men will be on this panel and 300 Single Women are expected to be in attendance.  Of the 30 Men, the majority of the men are Entrepreneurs, Moguls and Powerhouses in their own right.

This Extraordinary Relationship Forum’s purpose first is to get some of the following questions answered by the Single Ladies:

Will I be alone forever?                   

Why can’t I find a good man?                  

Where are all the Good Men?         

Am I attractive to men?         

Why am I not getting approached?

Are my standards too high?                      

Why don’t men call when they get our phone number?

Should I approach a man?                  

Do all men cheat?       

What’s the perfect first date?                   

The real question is, are you tired of toxic relationships and not getting the real scoop on how Single Men really feel, well this is the forum that will answer your questions.  This Relationship Forum will give Single Women a better understanding of how men really think and to answer questions you have about dating and relationships!  Trust me, women want answers and this is the forum that will give you the answers that you need to move through and maintain healthy and successful Relationships.

                                           SINGLE LADIES—-YOU NEED TO BE AT THIS FORUM

There will be a host of Special Invited Guests, grabs Bags will be given to each participant and a light Buffet will be served.

This Relationship Forum is on FIRE and tickets are going fast.  Register NOW:

I haven’t forgot the VENDORS.  I have a FEW Spots left for Vendors especially vendors that are Authors of any type of Relationship Platform.  Vendor Registration Link:

Doors Open up at: 3:30 p.m.; I can be contacted on the following:


By Phone: (202) 695-4403

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