Ask Millie: Multiple Dating

women and men1It’s that time again for Ask Millie.  Now that I have been labeled as the Black Dear Abby, here is the relationship question of the week.  Stacey from Roanoke, Virginia asked this: Is it good to date multiple men at the same time in order to wean out the bad relationships, and should I sleep with them all? If so, does this make me a whore?  Let me first start by saying that this is a judge free zone.  In my opinion, I do feel that it is good to date multiple men.  I believe this will give you a better circumference when deciding on the One.  However, the word dating does not equate to spreading yourself too thin, sexually.  If you are honest with the men you are dating, you will be fine, more importantly, always be honest with yourself.  Remember, if you decide to sleep with multiple men, be prepared for the consequences, whatever they may be. With that said, this subject essentially boils down to women should date like men. It is s no secret that men have widely accepted and labored the theory of entertaining a number of women during their romantic pursuits since¦ well, since forever and a day. In recent years, I have noticed more people of both sexes encouraging women to entertain more than one man in their romantic pursuits.

This then begs the question: should you be honest with everyone you are dating (and/or sleeping with). Moreover, are you being dishonest because you are an egotistical liar, you’re not sure they can handle the truth, or you just do not want to bother with the headache? Dating multiple people is one of those things that sound good in principle but is honestly challenging to implement, especially if you’re open and candid with all parties. Everything is all good, until it isn’t.

In principle, if we are not in a committed relationship then our time is our time and your time is your time. What you do with your time is your business. I’ve always felt I don’t own anyone you are not my possession and there is no ring on your finger obligating you to me. While I truly hope for honesty and common courtesy, I do understand why countless people do not have the bravery, fortitude, or even feel they owe me an explanation if we are not committed.