Ask Millie: Where to Go for Your First Date?

BlackDatingIt’s that time again for Ask Millie, better known as the Black Dear Abby.  Here is the relationship question of the week.  Justin from Waldorf, Maryland asked this: Should I take a woman to a restaurant or to the movies on the first date.  I truly appreciate this question from Justin because it shows that some men are still concerned about putting effort into dating and that there is some sign of hope that courting is still alive and well.  For a minute there, I thought courting had died a slow and untimely death.

My opinion is simply this.  I would prefer to go to dinner first because it gives us a chance to talk and get to know each other better.  You can learn a lot about a person over a simple meal.  There is nothing wrong with taking her to the movies first, if you overheard or both of you had a conversation about a particular movie you both have been dying to see.  I have been in many situations where both scenarios were great choices or even going to dinner and a movie.

I gave this question some thought and some research and this is what I came up with.  I know many people have been on numerous dates, first dates and probably double dates.  I am sure you all know a thing or two about the art of the first encounter. A first date should be casual, but not so spontaneous that it seems hastily unplanned. The first date should also allow partners to chat and get to know one another (so unless you’re a mind reader, save movies and live performances for date number three or four). Most importantly, with greater risk comes greater reward: the more you are able to woo or dazzle a woman on a first date, the stronger your bond with her will be. Naturally, if you work too far outside of your comfort zone, or overshoot your own abilities with a date too multifaceted for you to handle, and you’ll be spending all subsequent evenings with your forearm of choice.

If you have a relationship or dating question, please email me at and I just might feature your question and give you some great tips and dating advice, anonymously of course!.  This is Millie b.k.a, the black Dear Abby and see you’ll next week!!