Backstreet Boys and NSYNC zombie movie



˜90s fans are in for a treat. The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC will be filming a movie together. Yep, instead of killing it on the dance floor, they’re going to be killing the undead. But they’ll be doing it together!

The SyFy Channel zombie movie, Dead 7, will star Backstreet Boys Nick Carter and AJ Mclean, and NSYNC’s Joey Fatone. Carter’s wife Lauren Kitt will also be starring in the movie.

The group promoted the movie at Comic-Con this weekend. The movie, is being brought to by Asylum, the same makers behind Sharknado, is a Western zombie apocalypse movie, following a group who must rid a small town of a zombie increasing in a post-apocalyptic West, according to an Asylum press release.

Nick, ever the promoter, is working hard at casting for this movie, tweeting at One Direction’s Niall Horan to play his brother.

By Bui