Be Good to Yourself and Achieve Optimum Health

Be Good to Yourself and Achieve Optimum Health

DeAnna DeWitt is the proprietor of Sacred Healing in Beltsville, Maryland.  She is trained and certified in the ancient Egyptian healing art of herbal body wrapping.  Prior to her training she worked in accounting but did not feel like she was fulfilling her divine purpose.  Then after losing her mother and father to colon cancer, DeAnna decided she wanted to help heal her community.

In 2001, soon after her training, she left her position in accounting and birthed Sacred Healing.  Embarking on her healing journey DeAnna started doing this great work and service in response to her heartfelt desire to assist her community to have a better quality of life.

Since that time, DeAnna has been highlighted on many radio stations including WOL, WOLB, WEAA, WHUR and WPFW.  She was the subject of a feature article in the Washington Informer and has participated in several health fairs and community events.  Her journey continues as she constantly encourages the community to be good to yourself by relaxing the mind, healing the body and rejuvenating the spirit.

For more information, please contact DeAnna DeWitt at 240-882-3578 or email:

By JV Jones