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Big Hand-No was born and raised in the Washington, DC area and currently resides in Landover, Maryland.  His interest in rapping began when he was seven years old by listening to the music his uncle listened to. Shortly after his interest in music began, he started writing his own lyrics about video games and other typical kid’s stuff.  He did not take rapping seriously until he was eleven years old and he met a guy by the name of Chuck, who was the CEO of Rap Entertainment. He and Chuck worked together to create a full length album, 3 music videos and an E.P.  Bighand-No began performing when he was eleven years old, since then he has built an image working towards his goals.  When he performs, he feels a sense of relief; it is how he vents his frustrations and stress. He became a solo rapper in 2001, because the relationship with the CEO of the Group he Initially began with deteriorated.  He then began working a job at Target to get his first solo project off the ground.  Finally finished was the 3 song Ep, Doe Equals No under his own record label Bighand Entertainment.  He began selling CDs out his trunk, unit after unit; he and his little brother sold about 2000 CDs for five dollars each in the summer of 2006.  The CD did well, but due to not handling the proper paperwork, the label was registered under someone else and we were informed to discontinue using the name.  This is how the name BIGHAND-NO came about.  He dropped the Entertainment and added BIGHAND to his name, so all the work put in under that name would not be in vain.  Back to the drawing board on doing business under the same name, he couldn’t!! Somehow being determined is one thing that BIGHAND-NO EMBODIES, he continued to move forward.  Ideas began to surround the family nickname once used as a joke WASTE.  The name they used to address one another was brought to life when Uncle Reggie decided to put a meaning to the word by making it an acronym. Wandering and Surviving Through Everything, spelled W.a.s.t.e.  This all happened one week before Uncle Reggie was shot to death in his truck in 2007.  It all resulted from a drug deal gone wrong.  That whole week before was surreal and Bighand still remembers it till this day. He took that as a jewel/tool his uncle left to use and live by and pass it on to generations to come.  It’s A Blessing; people have sacrificed their life for us to do this!!!!  W.a.s.t.e


  • Ckr One Life 2 Live – 06/2001
  • Doe Equals NO EP – 06/2002
  • The Answer Is NO – 07/2005
  • Ghetto Inauguration – 06/2007
  • Old School New School Mixtape – 12/2009
  • Posse TV Mixtape: Vol 1 Riding Wit My Boo – 5/2010
  • Posse TV Mixtape: Vol 2 Riding Wit My Dirty – 8/2010
  • Internet Connection – 09/2010
  • Reloaded 6/2011
  • Overdose Mixtape- 3/2012
  • a.s.t.e The Movie Soundtrack- Coming Soon
  • F**K NO- Coming Soon



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