Blow Him Away in Bed: Sex Tips

Don’t think of it as a job. If done correctly, oral sex can be very satisfying for both.

The deeper, the better may be the case in porn, but not so in real life. Gagging takes you both out of the moment, and you and he will enjoy oral sex much more when you’re both having fun, says Marsh. To simulate deep throating, you want to use some combination of your mouth, tongue and hands. Marsh recommends a tight grip on the base of his shaft. Then wrap your mouth just a bit below the frenulum (the place where the head of the penis connects to the shaft) so your lips meet your fist, and move your mouth and hand in a rhythmic motion. Always let him know what you don’t like when you’re going down on him, whether it be holding your head or thrusting strongly.

The frenulum contains a bundle of nerves, says Marsh. Flick it with the tip of your tongue, or circle the head of the penis slowly, stopping each time you hit this pleasure spot.

Awkward angles and jaw pain can make it hard to enjoy oral sex, so take some breaks. You could try the lipstick technique for a bit: Use your hand to brush the head of his penis against the outline of your lips, taking the head in your mouth between outlines for added lubrication.

Oral Ice cream cone

Licking his penis like you’re licking an ice cream cone is a guy-pleaser for a reason: Not only does a regular rhythm help get him even more worked up, but it gives you a chance to get into a groove.  Creating a steady rhythm is what builds and sustains excitement.

Show him you’re into it. Conveying your genuine enthusiasm is the biggest turn-on. The more pleasure you feel, and the more you can get across that you’re enjoying the act, the more pleasure your partner will receive in turn.

Now is the time to keep it nice or get a little naughty. Pain tolerance increases with arousal, so you could try digging your fingernails into him, or tightening the grip of your mouth. Letting a bit of your inner Christian Grey out at this point can give you both a thrill”especially if you occasionally stop to give him a devilish look.

Adding teeth to the action may sound like a cruel prank, but it can actually be super-sexy”especially when your partner trusts you. Gently glide the surface of your teeth along his shaft, trailing it with your tongue.

If your man has a foreskin, use it to your advantage. The foreskin is a great place to tease with oral sex. As he gets more erect, use your tongue to gently push the foreskin back with your tongue and lips.

Sucking on an ice cube right before you put him in your mouth will give him a tingly thrill. Even taking a sip of cold water can create the same positive sensation.

If your mouth or jaw is feeling achy, simply take a few moments to kiss or caress his thighs.  Continuing manual stimulation gives your jaw a rest, and it gives you a chance to check in with your partner and see how you’re both doing.

Want to take the action up a notch? Hum while he’s inside your mouth. The vibrations create an added sensation. Holding a vibrator against your cheek can do the same thing. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a well-timed moan on your end. Making erotic sounds isn’t only a turn-on for him. It can also get you more excited.

Besides your rapidly-rising body temperature, there’s very little that’s hot about hiding under the covers. Instead, show off a bit. Remember, you can attend to your pleasure by touching yourself with one hand, or have him do the same.

Want to give him an experience he’ll never forget? Right before he’s about to climax, very lightly tug on his testicles. Not only is the skin here super-thin and packed with nerve endings, but just the fact that his most sensitive bits are in your hand will send him over the edge.