A Brand New On-Line Dating Website for Singles! Lunch maybe Dinner!!

A Brand New On-Line Dating Website for Singles!  Lunch maybe Dinner!!!lunch-maybe-dinner-logo


Let me introduce you to the very Distinctive, Exciting, Invigorating, Creative and SEXY NEW ON-LINE DATING WEBSITE, TAYLOR-MADE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!!!

INTRODUCING………………..Lunch maybe Dinner…….Single Ladies and Single Gentlemen!

Lunch maybe Dinner affectionately known as LMD is a unique and exciting way to approach dating and here is the best part, you can just start with a Simple Lunch Date!

Lunch maybe Dinner is one of the ONLY On-line Dating Websites that has a GEO-LOCATION TOOL, where it makes it easy for you to find a Lunch Date in the next Cubicle, the next building, or the next BLOCK!  If you have been hesitant about trying online dating because you would prefer to do it the “old fashion way,” it’s time to put your hang-ups and misgivings on hold and jump back into the on-line dating game.

Once you get started, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the options available for your on-line dating experience. Not to mention, the sheer number of people who are looking for love but want to start out with a simple lunch date. So fasten your seat belt, hold on tight, log in and start searching for that perfect lunch date.

If I may, I would like to start briefly at the beginning.  I know the question that you have on your mind, so allow me to tell you a quick story.  Where did we come up with the name Lunch maybe Dinner? Well, I am very glad you asked.  It is just a regular love of a lunch story that ended with dinner. Yes, it was Lunch at first site when Millie Holmes, the Face of LMD and DC Nitelife’s CVO, Darryl A. Carter (who was currently working on creating a new dating website) were having proverbial POW WOW about creating a new and edgy website where dating could be less invasive.  A Lunch light bulb went off in my head and the name Lunch maybe Dinner was BORN!!!

Darryle A. Carter went into his wheel-house, looked over what he had already constructed, did some research, and from there Lunch maybe Dinner would soon become something that started out with an idea and a creative name…..BOOM!!!!………a brand new on-line dating website for singles was launched in October 2016.  Our collective goal was to be different and offer Singles a new way to date and surely we have done just that! 

Try Lunch maybe Dinner today…..you will definitely not be sorry.  In fact, I expect the thank you letters and marriage proposal stories to be in the Lunch maybe Dinner’s email in-box, sooner than later.

Register NOW…..DON’T WAIT…….START FINDING YOUR LUNCH DATE! The other best part is…….it may turn into dinner.  If you have not noticed….I have my cupid dating fingers crossed!!!

Here are 3 Simple Steps to your amazing dating future:

  1. Go to: lunchmaybedinner.com, register and select the FREE TRIAL
  2. Upon completion of the registration, you will be ready to begin your membership.
  3. Once registered, search through the profiles and pick your lunch date. Schedule it with our messaging system and enjoy.




For more information, email: millie@lunchmaybedinner.com or go to: lunchmaybedinner.com.




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