Chance the Rapper Set Baltimore on Fire at Royal Farms Arena

Photography and Article by Rodney A. Black

Chancellor Bennett is having his best year ever. He’s won three Grammy’s for an album that sold zero records. In fact, he’s never even sold a song.

In February, he was featured on the cover of GQ Magazine. And he even found the time to donate a million dollars to the public school’s system in Chicago. Chance seems like a guy who likes to do things his way.

So in his own way, on June 6 at Royal Farms Arena he promised to deliver the best show ever.  If the crowd response was any indication…He did it.  It wasn’t just that he came on stage amid bursts of fireworks, fog and flames while riding a scooter.

Or the fact that DJ Quik had the entire crowd singing along to the Little Einstein theme song. Or even the ramp he had let down over the crowd so that he could thank them personally for coming out.  It was the entire experience!

From the time he hit the stage, the Baltimore crowd clung to every word he spoke. “I got angels all around me,” “I might give Satan a swirlie,” And of course- “You don’t want no problems!”

By the show’s end- all 15,000 in attendance were entranced. When the ramp came down and Chance came out to thank everyone, he seemed almost like a pastor taking time out to wish everyone a safe week.  And even though he wouldn’t be back next Sunday, it’s certain that wherever he is, praises go up…

And the blessings… well you know the REST!!

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