My Cougar Milkshake bring all the boys to the Yard!


I’m back, it’s Millie with Millie in the City with the number one dating and relationship forum in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  Now that we have gotten that out the way, I want to discuss women who are considered cougars.  So in honor of that, this article is appropriately titled: My Cougar Milkshake bring all the boys to the Yard!

My name is Millie Holmes and I am a reformed Cougar.  I have been through the 12-Step Program and just recently graduated.  In my defense, there are just a few reasons why younger men like older woman such as myself.  But before I get into that, I find it funny how when women date younger men, they are called cougars but when older men date younger women, they are celebrated-there is no real name for it unless he is like 80 and then he is a dirty old man! Okay back to the reason that younger men dig older women:

Reason #1 – Younger men say that older women have more life experience, which often means they make wiser decisions.  For example, older women are less likely to make out with their younger boy toy’s best friend and possibly less likely to get so drunk that they throw up on their younger man’s floor

Reason #2 – Younger men say that older women give better advice.  They believe that we older women help younger guys through career crises and family feuds or spats a little better.

Reason #3 – Younger men believe that older women take better care of their health. They’re more likely to have given up bad habits such as heavy boozing, smoking, and staying out all night long. They are more likely to be eating healthy foods and working out regularly. Sure, part of the impulse is vanity — they want to stay looking good! But doing things that are good for oneself — rather than going along with the crowd of partygoers — helps to reinforce one’s sense of self-respect, which men find attractive.

Reason #4 – Younger men, for the most part, feel that older women are self-conscious about their bodies, which makes sex more fun. Time not only heals all wounds, it helps you get over all your anxieties about your looks, too. And when you are not interrupting every sexual encounter to ask him to turn off the lights, or making things a little too hot by refusing to do anything unless you guys have the sheet over you, things tend loosen up — and get a lot more fun.

Reason #5 – Younger men feel that older women know what they like in bed and are less afraid to talk about it. Most people like to please their sexual partners. It gives them a sense of power and expertise (and, in some cases, provides a more unselfish satisfaction). When a woman can talk about what makes her happy, sexually, it makes it easier for a man to do the right things — which, in turn, helps him to feel very satisfied. Moreover, good sex is about intimacy, and when two people can discuss what they are into, it helps bring them closer.

In conclusion, I suppose this is good news for those of us who are on the older side of young, isn’t it?  Actually, it just might be good news for the younger females out there as well.  This just might help younger women that getting older is not all that bad. Either way, I hoped I have helped my fellow cougars and those who might not have quite understood our magical hold on the young men generation of today.






















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  • Tia said – In Reason #4… Did you mean that older women are LESS self-conscious about their bodies???

    Millie Holmes – Yes in a lot of cases

  • Tariiq Omari – Cougars were great, when I was younger. They were still vibrant, beautiful, energetic, sexy, often newly divorced and/or empty-nesters…so, not really looking for anything serious. Drama free, game free, low pressure. If you were in play mode, there was no better companion than a slightly older woman.

    Millie Holmes – Thank you Tariiq Omari for your honesty. What about now?

  • Tariiq Omari – Well, I’m over 40, now…a cougar for my age group is now going through menopause and thinking about retirement. It’s my turn to be a dirty old man…

  • Millie Holmes – Hahaha, do you date women your age?

    Tariiq Omari Yeah…for now! 😉

  • Dee said – Winfield I commend Cougars!!! They are fierce, confident older women that don’t let age stop them from getting what they want!!!!

  • Damia said – Wait… What does the age difference have to be to achieve ‘cougar’ status? Probably doesn’t matter. I’ve definitely dated guys 10 years younger than me and really enjoyed myself. I think as long as expectations are managed then it’s no harm, no foul.

  • B said – You’re a cougar, 10 years or more for sure. Embrace it, old men dont like me, younger ones do……

  • Technically, I’m not sure I qualify as a “cougar”. I was never “one the prowl” for a manly tenderoni. In fact, when I found myself being pursued by a man a few years younger than myself last year, I was flattered, but in reality had only considered dating older men. As a result I thought it was cute.

    But as the relationship took root and began to flourish, was that age has no bearing on attraction and compatibility. What my fiancé and I have in common and what we had both been through put us on the same level of desire and commitment.

    If I had let my own insecurities of being an older woman deter me, I would have missed out on the Love of a Lifetime.

    I still make “young boy” jokes with him and purr “Maaaaaarcccccus” at him like Eartha Kitt did to Eddie Murphy in Boomerang”, but the truth of the matter is, when two people love respect, honor, and cherish the person they’re with and are committed to kindness and making it work – age ain’t nothin’ but a number.