The Cougar and The Young Buck

As a Cougar,  have you ever met a Buck,
The kind that from beginning you knew you were going to fuck.
The type that gives you chills
And has you knowing that you will
Bend to his every desire
You’re drawn to him like a moth to a fire.
Damn, I know better than this shit
But damn…..
He is enticing the beast,
Within but I can’t honestly say that he doesn’t bother me in the least.
As I think to myself this could be fun
While knowing all the while this game is a dangerous one.
Well I the fearless leader has to decide
Whether I’m going to give this a ride
Or step back and put my pride
In check
Shit, this isn’t about pride it’s about respect.
To be continued
I knew I shouldn’t have done it,
Knew that the animal magnetism
Lala Robinson

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