DC Nitelife is Spotlighting Terell Online

DC Nitelife is spotlighting Terell Online.  A young man who is doing great things and making an awesome name for himself.


Terell Online born Terell Felton of San Diego, California (now Virginia Beach, VA based) is an eclectic soul and could be described as a modern day musical genius. He began his musical journey at a very early age. While most children were consumed with video games, riding bikes or getting a hold of the latest toy, Terell found himself listening to his parents music collection and creating his own renditions of popular music from the 80’s and 90’s.

With a deep passion for writing and also recording his own music, Terell found himself creating a unique sound in his early teenage years. He prides himself on not conforming to the “musical norm”. His genre can best be described as a melting pot of melodic variances. His unique blend includes everything from rap to rock to R&B and even soul. His main focus is motivating his listeners to achieve greatness and bringing awareness to societal issues. He also creates classic “feel good” music to appeal to more commercial audiences. Terell Online is truly an artist in his own right.

One of Terell’s most recent accomplishments has been his feature in Complex Magazine. This feature gave an indebt review of a record he wrote entitled “They Ain’t Ready” for up and coming Hip Hop Artist M. Watts. In addition to this feature his single “Sedated” has been in heavy rotation on Hot 91.1 FM (a local radio station in the Hampton Roads area) as well as his other single “Last Time” which is being played on 102.9 FM. In addition to his passion for creating musical art, Terell owns his own brand Red Cup Gang. The brand represents the feel-good and carefree nature of his music. Promotional products such as red cups with the Red Cup Gang logo as well as t-shirts, stickers and more can be purchased as a representation of the shift he’s focused on creating in music.

Terell Online has opened for major artists such as Travis Porter and has performed at the Norva Theater and other venues around Hampton Roads Area.

Terell will be performing on April 16, 2016 at the DMV Talent Showcase at the Paradigm.  For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

It is safe to say that Terell Online is very well on his way to changing the history of music. He will be relevant in all genres for years to come.

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