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It has been said that no one likes growing older. When I was a young teenager growing up in New York City, the youngest of 4 older siblings who did not live in the home. I would say things like, “When I move out on my own I will do what I want, when I want and with whom I want”. As I reflect back on that time, I realize how much I didn’t know about myself or about life when I made that statement.

In my early twenties, I became a wife, a home-owner, a business owner and a thriving young woman in my community. I still made statements about my future, but those statements were well defined about where I wanted to be financially, physically and geographically when I approached my thirties.

As I approach my fifties, I realize that as a teenager, what I wanted was the freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted and with whom I wanted. As I matured with age, I also grew in my knowledge and understanding of life. I came to understand this phrase, “To whom much is given, much is required.”

I believe that as you grow in your age, you must also grow in your knowledge. As you grow in your knowledge, then you should think differently and you should also understand the responsibility that comes with each decision that you make for your life. I now live by the phrase, “As you grow older you should also become wiser.”

With wisdom comes the ability to know your true power to create the life that you desire to live. How is this done? This is done by setting goals and having the discipline and determination to fulfil those goals. More importantly it is accomplished by understanding the kind of relationships that you establish and how those relationships impact your present life and how those relationships support your continued growth in creating the life you desire to live.

When I look back over time, I can see how as a country we have made great strides and progressed as a free nation. However, I can also see where there is still a required need for more growth.

Where are you growing to? How are you leveraging the relationships that you have to progress forward in your life?

As we celebrate the 2-year anniversary of Vital Magazine and how it has grown, I encourage you to ask yourself the questions above and then develop a clear strategy to continue to make progress in your life, and implore you to NEVER remain Stagnant. If you need the support of someone with proven success strategies, peace and joy in their life, contact me at

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