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DMV’s Finest of the Week Ashley Battle

DC Nitelife Presents This Week’s DMV Finest

Name: Ashley P. Battle Ware

Date of Birth: January 25

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Current Hometown: Brandywine, MD

Current Occupation: Operator/Register Coordinator

Hobbies: Basketball; Writing; Traveling; Drawing; Exercising (Zumba); Photography; Modeling; Researching

Highest Level of Education: Associates Degree in Science of Biology Biotechnology

Career Goal(s): Higher Education continuation in Biotechnology and Cardiovascular System

Summary: In 4 years I will have obtained my 2nd Degree in Biology of Biotechnology and plan to work within the Biotechnology field. I plan on traveling throughout the world and possibly work with some Missionary Organizations conducting Biotechnology and Cardiovascular research. I enjoy movies, music, museums and photography, so I never leave home without my camera because you never know what you may find in a moment you can capture to last forever in a photograph. I love my family and friends unconditionally and deep, if not for them I wouldn’t be where I am now. I thank God for all of the Blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family for being so understanding and supportive when I really needed them.

Personal Quote: “Always live life to the fullest and enjoy and love the little things, they really do count the most.”


By J. V.  Jones

Photography by Nicholas Fullen and Mike Ware