Eric Roberson was HOTTER than July

Article by Sebrena Woods, Photography by Rodney Black

On Saturday, July 15, 2017 at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club, Eric Roberson performed almost 2.5 hours to a sold-out crowd. He sang his most popular classics: Couldn’t Hear Me, Picture Perfect, and She. He also performed two new songs from his 2017 “Wind” cd: Love Her and Lyrics of Pleasure. Midway through the set, he delighted us with a surprising  Hip-Hop Medley:  Notorious BIG’s Big Poppa recited first as poetry, then, sung as opera before getting into the traditional hip-hop flow; Tribe Called Quest’s Bonita Applebum; Method Man/Mary J. Blige’s You’re All I Need To Get By, ending with the Marvin Gaye/ Tammi Terrell version. It was awesome!

The club was having air conditioning problems but it didn’t discourage, nor deter his audience. The middle-aged, professional African-American crowd was attentive, patient and happy to witness Roberson’s amazing talent. He was warm, engaging, personable, hilarious and fun. He joked about the temperature in the room and being on a gluten-free diet, and spoke of his love for his wife and sons: ages 5, 6, and 15 months old.

Towards the end of the show, Roberson asked members of the audience to give him random words. With: cupcake, she got a machete because I put it on her good, autopsy, beaver, imprudence, and butt cheeks, he created a beautiful song, on the spot. I had the wonderful opportunity to ask Eric what he felt was the key to his success and following. He humbly said, “I attribute my loyal following to the fact that I challenge my fans to stay positive and keep reaching and striving. Once I win one person, they always bring another along.”

An hour after the show had ended, Eric was still sitting in the lobby – signing cds and greeting each of his fans. I believe it’s that ‘human touch’ that really makes him a star.

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