Fantasy Freak

Allow me to take you on a trip,
Somewhere that will cause you to bite your lip
And you’re reality to shift,
I’m sure it will give your manhood a lift.
I am Lala and I’m sure you know
That I get extreme pleasure making you grow,
Giving you arousal that curls your toes
I am your fantasy freak,
Listen carefully to my words as I speak.
Allow me to caress your thoughts as you feel my words
Let them replay in your mind as the best you’ve heard.
This you may believe is all about you
Not so my precious, it’s to make you do as I want you to do.
I want to have you like a puppet on a string
Tell me do you think you’re ready for what I have to bring?

Lascivious LaLa
© 3/9/15


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