Featuring Stacii Jae Johnson, Author of ‘Date Girl’

Featuring Stacii Jae Johnson, Author of ‘Date Girl’

DC Nitelife is featuring an extraordinary woman, Stacii Jae Johnson who is giving hope to countless women.

Just when women thought their situation was hopeless, Stacii Jae has the answers to many of the questions and problems women encounter while dating.  Recently Ms. Johnson was featured on Fox 5 in Washington DC where she talked about her book, “Date Girl.”  According to Ms. Johnson, this book is “the single girl’s bible” and all women need to read it, digest it and let it change their life.  She felt inspired and compelled to write this book because she needed to let all women know her 143 reasons why they should date multiple men.

Stacii Jae Johnson stated, “Single people now outnumber married people in America.  In Europe, the average age at which women first marry is 30 or older in many countries.  Globally, women are getting married, if at all, much later in life.  As a community of women we have to empower ourselves to retrain our minds; find authentic celebratory joy on the life journey as a single woman; shift the paradigm of how we raise our community of women.  We have to empower ourselves to retrain our minds; find authentic celebratory joy in life’s journey as a single woman; shift the paradigm of how we raise our young girls to make sure they have the tools to survive in life as a single woman, full, whole and satisfied.”

Formerly from Memphis, TN, Ms. Johnson moved to Atlanta to attend the esteemed Spelman College, and then graduated with honors.  She is a woman on the move, from Memphis to Atlanta to Hollywood actress, Ms. Johnson wears many hats.  She’s an Actress, Radio Personality, Lifestyle Influencer, and Creativepreneur.  Stacii Jae created and hosted Atlanta’s #1 girl talk radio show “Black Girls Radio.”  Also, she is the founder of The Single Girls Club and writes a monthly blog called The Single Girls Club Diaries that post on her website.

Most recently, Stacii was cast in a docu-series that Queen Latifah is Executive Producing called From The Bottom Up. It’s about 5 ladies on the comeback. She has signed on to co-host Divas & Cocktails, a “no conversation is off-limits” late night talk show hosted with R&B Diva Nicci Gilbert. This web series is the perfect mix of late night discussion on everything from lifestyle, fashion, celebrity headlines and celebrity dish.

As a Hollywood actress, Stacii Jae’s film industry career has landed her roles in popular productions by You Go Boy Productions, Universal Studios, Savoy Pictures and New Line Cinema. She eventually went on to co-star in various roles for film, television, and stage where she worked with actors Martin Lawrence, Regina King, Charles Dutton, Will Smith, Isaiah Washington, and Eminem. Not willing to leave her passion for acting behind, Johnson founded Mama Said Productions and was recently named one of the top 25 women in Atlanta by Steed Media Group and has earned honors as an “Obama Victory Trustee” and Associate Publisher, Who’s Who in Black Atlanta (15th Edition, 2014).

For more information on Stacii Jae Johnson or to purchase her phenomenal book, go to:http://staciijaejohnson.com/



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