Festivus a festival of sounds; Wale’s New Mixtape

Wale’s mixtape is composed of 11 audio thoughts, and ideologies. The mixtape has a little something for everyone.  The mixtape is titled Festivus which is a secular holiday celebrated on December 23rd that was made popular by the sitcom Seinfeld. It originates from those seeking an alternative to the commercialism, and pressures of the Christmas holiday season. It has been described as possibly the perfect secular theme for an all inclusive December gathering. It has also been described both as a parody holiday festival, and as a form of playful consumer resistance. The title makes sense because it was released in December near Christmas, and because Wale is a Seinfeld enthusiast which he demonstrates in his mixtapes.

The song Loyalty is perfect for trap music enthusiasts. The song Tonight incorporates go-go percussions, and congos.  Keep It Movin has gradients of reggae, and Spaceships has a little Marvin Gaye for mature listeners. With the mixtape being a kaleidoscope of sounds, thoughts, and rhythms that transitions into different mood temperaments and thoughts effortlessly, it is no surprise when you hear ear candy in verses such as women of all colors my home is a palette, mentioned in track Strokes of Genius. Other amicable verses are both of our ex’s issues with both of us now seem perfect. Hoping our imperfections that noticed are unimportant, which is said in Friendship Heights. Wale shows his skill in words with the track Friendship Heights which is a play on words since in the song he is referencing the different aspects of friendships, and pentacles reached. However, all DMV natives know it is  a widely known region in the District of Columbia metropolitan area. Other skillful versed lyrics include “show us your body on IG cry when misogyny get ya,” which is from Narciss Her

In the track Blood Money he uses an array of DMV terminology such as GoGo, Loud, Flatout, and Bob. He also mentions some of the regions that he is familiar with including Kentland, Landover, and Garfield Terrace. The song references the human mindset to strive with lyrics such as get his daughter a bed, get his son some clothes. As ASAP Rocky arrives in to deliver his verses the mood temperament, and beat changes. The beat is reminiscence of alarms, and chimes. The topic starts talking about activities that incur for this to happen. I believe the beat temperament showed an eloquent transition to alert the listener that the song topic was getting more explicit. He also references popular streets such as Florida Ave. The track Loyalty references the dmv popular fashion of solbiato.

Even the mixtape is skillfully thoughtful it displays a cassette, and a golden decorum. The cassette is referenced in the Seinfeld episode, and the golden decorum is a symbolic representation of a picture frame which shows that his lyrics are a masterpiece a piece of art. He also references this in the song Stroke of Genius by saying with this brush I’m going to paint this story which he does through intricate illustrations. Chime in, and tell us your thoughts of the album we would love to hear.