H2O for the Day- HELP HOPE

HELP/HOPE. Since last week when this story was reported of this young woman’s suicide there have been several more cases in the news. I am compelled to post this with a invitation/challenge for US to intentionally look for someone to offer HELP/HOPE- Sending prayers up for this young woman and her family. We can only imagine because we didn’t know her. But these reports are ever increasing. My own good friend recently, and many others. Apparently, success, finances, beauty, possessions, aren’t enough. This I know for sure. Most people do not “want to die” If you would attack them in the night, they would fight, for life. But, the pressure, the pain, the hopelessness, can become so great, that they just don’t want to continue, to live. Living, becomes suffering, and suffering, is just to much. So “sleep” could seem an attractive alternative. And that’s, where FRIENDS, REAL FRIENDS , could come in. After a death, people talk, and visit, and ..regret. I bet we all know somebody, that’s struggling. But are we so busy doing us, consumed in self, engrossed in progress, that we “can’t” be there for them? Who honestly, would take a week off work to go sit, with that friend. Just to let them know someone cares, just that much. Often people don’t talk because they feel no one really cares, enough to understand. Loneliness, is a diagnosable illness, and the prescription is, Love. Cook some food, wrap them in a blanket, and just hold them. And it goes for men too. Question may be “what would you do to save a life?” What if it were yours, or someone you love? So again, in this season of giving (which is really lonely and depressing for some), I challenge YOU, to give HELP/HOPE. Do you know someone that has had a difficult time? Send a card with a few bucks in it. A gift card. A bouquet of flowers. Matt 25:45 “Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of the least of these, ye did it into me.” HOPE saves lives. And WE can be that HOPE. H2O HOPE 2 Overcome.

By H2O Ministries W. Patrick Harris