A Hilarious Night of Comedy at Hollywood Casino in Charlestown

A  Hilarious Night of Comedy at Hollywood Casino in Charlestown

The Queen of Mid-Day Triscina Gray of 96.3 WHUR-DC hosted a night of laughs, with Three of the funniest men in the DMV and The One and Only Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show. The center was packed. Standing-room only.

First coming to the stage is DC’s own comedian Mike Brooks. Creator of the show everyone’s talking about called “The Real Housewives of Benning Road.” Mike opened up the laughter with his joke telling us how when driving along and allowing a driver to go ahead who doesn’t even throw up a wave to say thanks. He explained how he is pissed and is cussing forgetting the driver can’t hear him. It was hilarious. Mike had the audience laughing uncontrollable.

Up next was Chris Thomas with his known signature dance “THE CABBAGE PATCH.” Everyone was in stitches as Chris did that dance more than we would have like to have seen. Chris’ impersonation of “Obama” is hilarious.

Teddy Carpenter, “What Can I Say,” Teddy commands the stage with his comedy. He has “IN THE FACE COMEDY, and he takes it to a different level and holds no punches. When it comes to using the “N” word Teddy uses it freely and the audience loves it with non-stop laughter.

Headliner Nephew Tommy co-host of the Steve Harvey morning show comes to the stage starting off with his impersonation of his Uncle Steve Harvey and his incredible lip size and his way bald head.


Article by Linda Wayne and Photography by DC Nitelife

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