Hip Hop Artist Jung Youth Releases New EP Ambrosia

Nashville Hip Hop Artist Jung Youth Releases
Two New Tracks – “Ambrosia” FT Chelsea Lankes” &
“Some Dreams I Won’t Remember”

New EP Ambrosia Coming October 6th 
“Only One King” to be featured in NFL
Thursday Night Football Promos

Nashville-based hip hop artist Jung Youth (Justin Donahue) released two new tracks today that will be featured on his upcoming EP Ambrosiathe first being the title track “Ambrosia” featuring electro-pop artist Chelsea Lankes, which debuted on Live Nation’s Ones To Watch in August. The second, “Some Dreams I don’t Remember,” premiered yesterday on The Hype Magazine.

“My bro Danny Melonz started working on a beat and our main dude Nephew showed up ready to rock-the vibes were impeccable and I could already tell this was shaping up to be a banger,” Justin spoke of how “Some Dreams..” came about in a recent interview with The Hype Mag.“I was low key bummed because I had to leave and go to a wedding reception for someone I didn’t really know…the whole time all I could think about was how my friends at home were probably cooking up something awesome. About halfway through the wedding reception, Nephew called me and said that they needed to get me on the track, pronto. I decided that making this music with my friends was way more important than schmoozing with people I didn’t know, and my crew came and picked me up with the windows down, blasting the new instrumental the whole way home. It was one of those moments I will never forget.”

Stream “Some Dreams I Won’t Remember” on Soundcloud and Spotify.  

“‘Ambrosia’ opens just as delicately as it ends, providing four minutes and three seconds of pure sonic mediation through Lankes’ soothing vocals and Jung Youth’s romantically enlightened verses. If ‘ambrosia’ means ‘food for the gods’ in ancient mythology, then this song just became the most divine form of eclectic nourishment.” – Ones To Watch

“‘Ambrosia’ sounds like floating placidly underwater as rays of sunlight slowly filter downward.”High Snobiety 

Stream “Ambrosia” on Soundcloud and Spotify.

This project means a lot to me,” Justin stated about the Ambrosia EP. “I think it helped shape a lot of the way I create today. Every one of the people involved [in the project] are all doing awesome things in their own right and we were able to come together every once in a while and just create with no other goal other than to jam out and make the best music we could… it’s like a time capsule. I tried to blend a lot of my influences whether that be rock and funk or pop and jazz (and of course hip hop, rap and electronic).” 

The Ambrosia EP is set to release on October 6th

Jung Youth’s latest single, “Only One King,” was chosen to be used in promos for the NFL’s 2017/2018 Thursday Night Football season. The track has already received airplay on ESPN, the NFL Network, and multiple other platforms.

“A few seconds into “Only One King” are all you’ll need to understand why this track was picked up by the NFL. It’s got a motivational tinge to it… there’s a fire to Jung Youth.”Earmilk

“To me, this song is all about perseverance, hard work, determination, and the awareness that comes with understanding that we live and die by the same decisions we make.”

– Jung Youth

Stream “Only One King” now on Spotify and Soundcloud.

See the lyrics here on Genius.

About Jung Youth

Straight out of Music City, Jung Youth (born Justin Donahue) represents an energetic sound rooted in collaboration and versatility. “Only One King,” his biggest single to date, finds the freestyle-savvy MC focusing on melody, reflective writing, and growth. “I was a kid who was always questioning everything,” says Donahue, admitting that his stage name is equally inspired by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and Raekwon’s “C.R.E.A.M.” bars. After being greatly affected by Nas’ Stillmatic album, the young artist was drawn to Hip-Hop’s lyrical introspection and raw competitive spirit. “I used my music as a way to look deeper into my own life.”

This type of examination led Jung youth to hone his flow and develop a hard-hitting live show before being named a Red Bull Sound Select artist and rocking stages with legends like Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Juicy J and Kool Keith as well as a new generation of performers like Travis Scott, Tory Lanez, The Cool Kids and Pell. With a grabbing voice, a writing stance that speaks to the experiences of many, and sharp flow, Jung Youth has the seasoned wisdom of a veteran, and the fresh eyes, sound, and captivating curiosity that has delivered him and his platform to this point – and even though his previous EP was called Stay Chill, things are only continuing to heat up for this rising creative. “Only One King” was just picked up by the NFL for promotional use during the 2017-2018 season and his forthcoming genre-bending concept EP, Ambrosia, is sure to turn some heads when it releases this fall.

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