How Do You Get Inspired?

I just feel so uncreative…I feel stuck. That’s what I told her when she called to chat about our projects.

We had a list of photo shoots to produce, but couldn’t find the creative flow.

I knew I wasn’t alone, so I suggested putting together a project to INSPIRE creativity.

When your imagination is sleeping, you must wake it up with ingenuity.

We collected photos, read vintage books, made collages, watched indie movies…we gave ourselves space to imagine what we wanted to create.

When the time came to produce a massive photo shoot for Social Curator last week, creativity led the way.

By the time we finished, we were dripping sweat, covered in confetti, and moved 37 boxes of props.

And we were utterly happy, filled, and satisfied.

Sometimes Creativity sits and visits a while. We laugh, we create.

Other times Creativity hides and requires us to call her from the darkness. Please, come play.

Last week we called, and she came. For this, we are thankful.

But I’m interested…how do you get inspired?


I asked this question on Instagram and got AMAZING advice…I want to share with you today, so you can walk away with more inspiration right now!

@coachbauer I schedule 3-4 appointment free “project week” spaces on the calendar throughout the year. I have one coming up next week and will be unplugging for this one!!

@posornoz Have you read “The Artist’s Ways” by Julia Cameron? It is a classic that would help you get back into the creative groove.

@johannakitzman By taking a walk along the bay. By traveling to new destinations. By spending time with my family. Basically reigniting my WHY of why I work hard to build a business.

@thebloggingdork I listen to podcasts, watch a random Webinar and stare at my Vision Board!!

@stevechinen I freewrite, exercise, go to the beach or draw.

I hope this note added a pep in your step, friend.

I’m here for you, wanting the best as you become the person you’re destined to become as you build the business of your dreams.

Shine On,