I’ve waited a long time to share the GOOD NEWS…

You know that moment you’ve waited for something and then—just like THAT—it happens?

Endless months of planning, hoping, and working until the moment arrives.

The birth of a dream has come to life.

A happy, healthy website arrived on my doorstep this morning. Six pounds, seven ounces, with 10 fingers and toes!

Yes, Millie, I’m proud to announce the new is LIVE!

I want to share the news with you because it’s a personal step in a new direction…and you’ve been by my side as my business has grown.


Change isn’t always easy (okay, it’s about as fun as a root canal, amiright?), but I look forward to making changes together.

Each new milestone is a reminder of how far we’ve come and I appreciate you joining me on the journey.

It would mean the world to me if you checked out >>the new site<< as a way for us to connect further…and to let me know if you find typos.

(I’m an Olympic gold medalist in typos.)

I’ll see you there!

I’m hosting a FB Live today at 11am (LA)/2pm (NYC) talking about the “3 Ways to Design Your Website to Attract Dream Customers”…and what I learned in my website design process. Hope to see you on my Facebook Page soon!

Shine On,

P.S. Special love to Promise Tangeman of GoLiveHQ for designing the site and to Showit for creating a perfect website platform.

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