Does Kissing Frequency Correlate with Relationship Satisfaction?

I found an article that provides some interesting information about kissing, and does give advice, so I’m going to paraphrase and summarize.

Kissing frequency correlates with relationship satisfaction.  The research shows that the amount a couple kisses is directly proportional to their stated level of relationship satisfaction.

59% of men, and 66% of women ended a relationship because someone was a bad kisser.

People remember their first kiss more vividly than the first time they had sex.  Movies like “Pretty Woman” have said that prostitutes don’t kiss on the mouth because it’s too intimate.  And that is actually true.

A study found that men who kissed their wives before leaving for work lived, on average, five years longer.  Get this — this is up my alley —  the same study also found that not kissing one’s wife before leaving in the morning increased the possibility of a car accident by 50 percent.

We kiss to see if someone is going to be a good mate.  The exchange triggers unconscious mechanisms that guide us in deciding whether we should continue, and even tells us about a potential partner’s level of commitment.

Kissing matters more to women.

Women are very focused on men’s teeth and hygiene.

Men are more likely to see kissing as a step toward sex.

Women rate the breath and taste as highly significant in deciding to keep on kissing in the moment or the future.

 Men are less picky about kissing and more interested in facial and body attractiveness.

The article answers: “how do you find out if someone wants to kiss you?”

It is a matter of breaking into your partner’s personal space in a plausibly deniable way and gauging their reaction.  To get that close, there must be some level of trust or expectation.  Men can adjust a woman’s hair.  It’s an intimate enough gesture that the reaction will signal interest or not…  a flinch is a neon sign saying “no” while a pleasant response is a green light.

Women are told that to make men think they are good kissers they should open their mouth more, initiate more, and be more aggressive with their tongues.

Men are told to “listen” to the way the woman is kissing  —  to match her tempo.

By Paul Samakow

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