Kris Jenner Blames Self for Bruce’s Transformation

Bruce_jenner & Kris_jenner

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman.

Rumors about the sex change have been circulating for over a year, but now, several news outlets are reporting that Bruce will speak with Diane Sawyer and open up about his changing gender identity in a revelatory upcoming interview.

Sources say Bruce’s kids have been supportive and his mother is beaming with pride. In fact, there’s reportedly just one person who’s having a hard time with Bruce’s long-anticipated announcement:

Insiders are reporting that Kris Jenner is in “meltdown mode” over Bruce’s transition, as she apparently believes it reflects poorly on her as a wife, and will negatively impact the Kardashian brand.

“Kris has tried to say this is all her fault,” says one source. “It is no one’s fault, and it has nothing to do with Kris. She would like to think that everything is about her all the time, and it is not.”

“Bruce is not doing this for attention. He is going through this process because – at this stage in his life – it is what his heart is telling him to do. The only thing Bruce cares about is how Bruce’s announcement will impact the Kardashian-Jenner empire.”

So wait…it’s not about Kris and he’s not doing it for attention?! No wonder she’s having such a hard time wrapping her head around it.

Bruce Jenner is a very lucky man. He no longer has to live in the same house as Kris Jenner.

By Tyler Johnson