A book launch party was recently held in Los Angeles to introduce, “Success in Celibacy,” written by Shea Scott Edwards, who describes the book as a “memoir of sorts of my life; excerpts, moments, mistakes, lessons that I have learned along the way.”

The book shares her intimacy with God as well as intimacy with herself, among other things, including love finally finding her and being celibate for several years, including abstaining through her relationship.  She read an excerpt from page one and I personally wanted her to read more.

Before the discussion began, there were red carpet festivities, as well as being treated to a slammin DJ and delicious appetizers and drinks…apple cider anyone?

Shea spoke about the varying reactions and responses after telling people she wrote a book and the title.  Some of the responses were funny; others were downright mean and rude.  Although she admitted that she herself was not a virgin when she married, she did give kudos to anyone in attendance who was a virgin, saying they are not often celebrated.

There was a question and answer segment, which included one of my favorite queries:

“What was the hardest thing about putting all of this out there for the whole world to see and hear?”

Shea shared that the “Faith Rocks” blog and vlog ministry she and her husband have was “comfortable,” but coming from behind the scene with an unpopular message was “uncomfortable” and she had to decide to stand on an unpopular message, which took getting courage; courage she gained from her relationship with God.  She was also asked how she dealt with the loneliness.  She said it was only lonely at first and got better as time went on.  Maybe it was just my silly meter; however, I laughed hard when a guy asked was there a whole chapter on masturbation.  Based on the amount of people laughing, maybe it wasn’t just MY silly meter.

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