Lyfe Jennings Lit the Stage on Fire at Bethesda Blues & Jazz

Let me start by saying that the ladies were READY for LYFE JENNINGS!!

There was so much chatter in the air and the ladies were SOOOO….EXCITED!

Comedy with Eddie Bryant and Lyfe Jennings all in one night!  What more could an audience ask for?  This show was definitely more than I expected or could have imagined.

If there’s any comedian that can hold a crowd before Lyfe Jennings, it’s Comedian Eddie Bryant. There are not many comedians who can give you real life situations while making you seriously take a look at yourself and laughing all at the same time.  That’s Eddie!!

After laughing so hard I had to get tissue, the audience was told that anyone can come up on stage and perform any songs or poetry and possibly win a chance to see Lyfe Jennings for life in any state or venue. WOW!! Surprisingly not one person competed!! Eddie literally begged the crowd to come up but of course, no one did.

When Lyfe took to the stage, it was immediate sparks. He worked that stage like nobody’s business…. That’s exactly what he did.  His stage presence commands immediate attention and he engages the audience from beginning to end. He shared his life story and sang every favorite song from “MUST BE NICE” to “S.E.X.” which seemed to be a favorite of so many that night.  What I really loved about his show is that he connects to audience. He shares so much about himself and relationships. I so loved him and his transparency.

Thank you Lyfe for a night we’ll remember for a VERYYYY LONGGG TIMEEE!!!

Article by JV Jones

Photography by Darryle A. Carter