Magic Mike Live Is Coming To Las Vegas

Magic Mike Live Is Coming To Las Vegas

Channing Tatum responded to women everywhere who have not had their fill of Magic Mike, and dropped a teasing video announcing that Magic Mike Live! will be coming to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas, complete with all their writhing, thrusting, sexy routines.

Looking as hot as ever, Tatum made the video with the assistance of his equally hot, half-naked housemates and some unbelievably cute puppies. Seriously, the guy knows how to make the ladies swoon—we’ve had to watch the clip several times just to make sure we bring you the correct details (you’re welcome).

The 36 year old starred in the two Magic Mike movies, the original one was actually based on his experiences as a young stripper in Florida when he was just 18 years old.  He’s now decided to take it one step further with a ladies club in Vegas.

Channing will direct the show which premieres in March 2017 with the movie’s choreographers Alison Faulk and Teresa Espinosa who, judging from the sequences in the movies, clearly both know what they are doing.

The show will recreate Club Domina, the real life club at the center of Magic Mike XXL where men cater to women’s desires. It will be a unique and immersive production with bars and an integrated stage with a capacity of around 450.  The promise of the odd performance from Tatum himself is left dangling to torment us, and as he wants to ensure his guests are left satisfied, he has requested suggestions for the show.


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