Michael B. Jordan has Rocky Balboa in his corner in Creed


Creed is a movie based on Adonis played by actor Michael B Jordan whom wants to take after his legendary father Apollo Creed (played in the Rocky movies by Carl Weathers) Creed father passed away before his birth. Creed navigates the boxing arena while dealing with conflicting emotions on wanting to make a name for himself in the boxing arena while embedded with the same passions that come genetically.

Adonis’ back-story “isn’t what you would expect,” Coogler says, and when audiences meet him he has a complicated relationship “with his father and with the world of boxing.”

The up-and-coming protagonist reaches out to his pop’s old friend Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) to train him.

“They come from two different worlds, two different generations,” says Jordan. ” Which makes for an interesting story.

Throughout production, Jordan worked with professional boxers to hone his movements and in the ring performance. He also lifted weights, swam, and maintained a disciplined diet. One of them, former British champ Tony “The Bomber” Bellew, plays Adonis’ primary nemesis, “Pretty” Ricky Conlan.

Below is a snippet of Creed that debuts in theatres on November 25th.