Millie’s Corner: Demographics of Dating in the DMV

more women 2I’m back, its Millie with Millie in the City Matchmaking.  In just one week, Millie’s Corner has become the number one dating and relationship forum in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  So now that we have gotten that out the way, let’s discuss single women and how the dating scene is for them in DC.  This article is appropriately titled: Demographics.  So, as we discuss the dating scene in this area, we must understand that the dating scene in DC, especially for women, appears to be difficult and at seemingly impossible odds.  Some suggest that dating in DC for women has everything to do with demographics.   I am most certain that a lot of single women in Washington, DC would agree that the dating scene for them simply stinks for them right now.  So again can you say: Demographics!

There are 49% more college-educated women in DC, age 24 and younger, than college-educated men. It’s typical for Americans to marry within their same educational level.  In other words, it’s not a woman’s fault she can’t find a partner.  It appears that reading all the dating materials would have you thinking that women are just doing it wrong however in retrospect, it’s not a strategic problem, and the blame should be placed on demographics.  I read somewhere that the best advice as you would expected is more kooky than inspirational: The long term solution is to get more men to attend college. This is a labor, economic problem. And there you have it, ladies. #boom