My Distant Lover

From a distance I can still feel your stroke,
Baby, I swear you ain’t no joke.
The thought of you causes the hair on my neck, my nipples and my nature to rise,
But of course to you that’s no surprise.
I smell your favorite cologne
And subconsciously I begin to moan.
Let me put you to sleep,
As I allow you to go deep.
Allow me to bend your mind
As you enter me from behind
Relax, allow me to put you in a trance.
Slow down Daddy, don’t blow your chance.
Let me caress,
Your shoulders, abs and chest.
As I handle you putting my body to a test.
Come on blow my back out
While I shout
Make me scream
As I cream.
Damn you do this to me long distant.
I wonder what’s going to happen the moment better yet the instant
We step together into the door,
Oh shhh, don’t worry allow my knees to hit the floor.
I got u boo,
I’m going to do
what I have to
In order to keep you coming back.
Believe I’m not going to stop until I empty your sack.
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