Myra Harris Provides Women with A Guide for Dating, Romance and More

DC Nitelife is spotlighting author, Myra C. Harris and her book is PHENOMENAL!

Finally, a book that is the perfect guide for any woman who wants to take care of her man. It doesn’t matter if she’s married or single, every woman can find ways to add excitement and romance to their relationship.  The RECIPES help you create a path to HIS heart and the FANTASIES help you imagine the possibilities.  And, you mustn’t forget about wearing the apron, the perfect stilettos and . . . nothing at all!


Myra C. Harris loves romance, courtship and cooking. She believes in the pursuit of happiness by spending time with a special someone and family, while enjoying one of her great passions”cooking.  She is a talented and creative woman who has been successful in many different endeavors. She began her career working as a dedicated professional at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). She then went on to become a compliance associate in the legal department of a Fortune 500 company, and ultimately mastering skills as a seasoned, technical trainer.  Myra used these skills to become a successful and sought after trainer for several top rated law firms and other government agencies.  Not only do her writing skills extend to this book of recipes and fantasies, but she has also written hundreds of training and compliance manuals.

The first installment of her new book series, How To Get A Man, Harris gives a guide to creating romantic occasions and delicious meals for any woman to use to impress her man.  The book includes fantasy dates”complete with instructions on how to prepare the food, along with drink selections, and the perfect music. I love romance and the old fashioned art of courtship.  I believe that each partner has a responsibility to each other and they should use what they have available to create excitement in their relationship. Even if a woman is married she can keep her relationship new and fresh by trying something that her husband doesn’t expect, says author Myra C. Harris. Harris has experience as a corporate trainer and technical writer so she knows the importance of being prepared.

The book also includes beautiful images of some of the completed dishes. The Tempt Your Senses sections highlight cooking with foods that are aphrodisiacs.

To purchase the book, go to www.letaypublishing.com or other retailers including www.barnesandnoble.com and www.amazon.com.

This is definitely a MUST READ!!