Nolcha Fashion Show with Danny Nguyen Couture

The Collective Show at 9pm featured a riveting collection of whimsical dresses by Danny Nguyen. The music selection consisted of tunes that amplified the energetic crowd. The highly anticipated show was packed to see the designs of the season. The haute couture gowns flowing and elaborate dress trains make it a must have for the seasons of spring, and summer. The versatile it dress is perfect for vacationing in the tropics, soirees, or your quintessential statement piece.


To check out the wonderful craftsmanship of the dresses head over to were you can view a replay. Once you have viewed it chime in below to tells us what dress you can’t keep your eyes off. We love to hear from you.


The official sponsors of the Nolcha Shows include Citi Bank, Don Q Rums, LumaRX, Sparkling Ice,Dr.Gary Levine, Bo Concept and Lyft.