Please your man

By JV Jones

Slave to your man


We women have to take everything in our relationships back to Eden!  LADIES it is all your fault.  Yes I said just that.  I don’t care what you say but you are NOT doing your job.  That goes for me too.  I realize we aren’t putting him first like he deserves to be.  Yes FIRST.  That may seem old fashion and down right impossible to swallow but it is very necessary.  Our men are so frustrated and tired of being neglected, misunderstood and under serviced.  What do I mean by this.  Let us discuss it.

Neglect is causing our men to look for affection and love with women other than ourselves.  And why shouldn’t they.  Ladies you are not doing your job.  You give him all the sex and time he wants when he is dating you but once he marries you, you come up with every excuse in the world why you can’t give him that same attention he got when you were dating.  There are no excuses.  YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO GIVE HIM ALL THE SEX HE WANTS AND THEN SOME.  If he wants you to give him sex every night because he was accustomed to that, then you need to sex him every night or at least whenever possible.  I know life gets in the way and you may have other obligations, but he is your number 1 obligation and he should feel like he is number ONE.

I  have workshops that are based around enhancing your sexual life and I tell women all the time.  If you don’t do it another woman will.  Please your man in every sense of the word.  Enjoy his manhood.  Embrace his wonderful appendage and stroke it like it has never been stroked before.  Men are simple creatures.  They aren’t complicated at all.  We are the ones who make them complicated.  They want to be given very few things but SEX is the main course for all of them.  Sex, food and sleep. There you have it. Simple.  Stop complicating your life and give him your total submission. His wish is your command.  If we women could just understand that, we would be a lot happier also.  Stop fighting him and give in.

I know you are thinking.  Submission.  That isn’t in my vocabulary.  Well it’s time to change your vocabulary.  We are always looking for a man to cater to us, bring us flowers, take us out to dinner, etc. but what are we doing to deserve all these things. NOTHING.  We sit around complaining and downing our men but never think about him and his needs.  Women in the older days were totally devoted and catered to their men.  What happened to us? Some say we wised up, while others say we became liberated.  Okay we became liberated and now we are losing our men at an alarming rate.  Men are sick of us!

They are so sick of us that they are going to other countries to get a woman and a wife.  Can you believe that.  ANOTHER COUNTRY.  Of course they are.  They are sick of dealing with you liberated, selfish, career women.  You are so successful that no man is good enough for you.  It’s like that old saying “what good is success without the one you love by your side to share it with.”

Okay so you, Ms. Career Lady is fine being single.  Well you may say that out your mouth but deep inside you really want someone by your side through thick and thin.  We all do.  If that is correct, stop bitching so much and become a pleasure to be around.

Women it is time to try something new.  If it isn’t working for  you then maybe it is time to change your ways.  You have to take responsibility for your actions and make a change.  I’m not saying all women are like this, but if the shoe fits, WEAR IT!!

Now it’s time to take a voyage through an experience that will be LIFE CHANGING!  Are you ready for that? Are you REALLY ready for that?  We often think we are ready for certain things but find in the process that we can’t do it.

I am not going to have mercy on you and I am going to be downright honest with you.  Most women of today can not and are not pleasing their man.  Okay I said it.  It’s the truth.  That has included me as well.  I’m not too proud to say it.  We need to be fixed.

When you look at old movies, you realize women knew their place.  A woman’s place has always been to take care of her man.  Do whatever he wants or desires.  It was not based on how much money they had or what kind of car he drives.  A man could lose his job or not be able to find a job and it was understood that you stand behind your MAN.  These superficial women of today don’t have a clue as to what it takes to please and keep her man.  Not to mention, their parents are just as confused as they are.  “You can’t teach something if you don’t know it yourself.”

If you are ready to make this stand then I APPLAUD you. Today is the day we recognize and recapture our MEN!