PRESS RELEASE: Influential Lawyer and Politico Stephanie Mickle Forthcoming Memoir, “Follow the Leader”

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May 14, 2018

Washington, DC

Media Contact: Katie Ross,

Women’s History Made Everyday: Expert Politico Taps Celebrity Ghostwriter and Publisher Ardre Orie, To Tell Her Story “Follow the Leader,” depicting a 20-year-long career as one of Washington’s most sought after legal advisors and political strategists.

WASHINGTON DC, May 14, 2018 —​ Highly regarded political strategist and commentator Stephanie Mickle, Esq. has teamed up with famed​ celebrity ghostwriter and publishing expert Ardre Orie to produce her forthcoming memoir, “Follow the Leader.”  ​Follow the Leader​ depicts Stephanie’s 20+ years journey in the political arena and is focused on the empowerment of women in understanding and getting involved in the political process.

In the age of transformational movements like #metoo, global focuses on the equality in pay and gender gaps, political movements addressing gender bias, etc. that are all blazing across America’s news headlines daily, this novel is more than ever needed.

“We can no longer afford to not be involved in the political process. There are so many issues that affect us adversely when we have no voice. Stephanie’s story is not only a testament to women stepping up to the plate to lead but also the unprecedented power that we have to do so. I want for little girls of every race, color and creed to recognize that leadership is for them. Having access to stories that reveal the possibilities is beyond necessary,” says Orie.

Stephanie Mickle is the CEO of Mickle Public Affairs Agency (MPA). MPA is an elite political consulting firm which brings over 20 years of political, legal and business expertise drawing from a wide range of experiences and thought leadership in the areas of government relations, regulatory affairs, public policy analysis, messaging, media and strategic communications for various clients across the United States. Through her long-standing career, Stephanie has identified the disenfranchisement of women and the political process.

“The American political process was constructed without women. Even though women have run for the highest office that exists, there is still a perception that we are not fully capable of or too emotional to handle power. This simply isn’t true. I would offer that we wait no longer to dispel this notion,” says Stephanie Mickle, Esq., CEO Mickle Public Affairs.

“If we aren’t working to open doors of opportunity for others, what then shall we speak of purpose? It is my belief that this work of documenting the most prolific stories of our time, will leave invaluable blueprints from which others might follow to walk in power and purpose. Every face has a story and every story has the ability to shed light, unlock inspiration and open doors that allow us to live our best lives,” says Orie.

Stephanie Mickle, Harvard Graduate, Politico and CEO of Mickle Public Affairs is a noted world changer. Stephanie is the former General Counsel to U.S. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida and is touted by her colleagues as a political strategist and commentator with an impressive ability to transition political nuances into simplified language. This skill set will positively impact the nation by energizing new generations of leaders in the political sector. Stephanie’s memoir “Follow the Leader” will release Summer 2018.

Ardre Orie and Stephanie Mickle are accepting interview and event media coverage requests at this time, media outlets and publications may use: to reserve exclusive media access.

Mickle continues to be an inspiration and positive influence in the political and legal community, particularly for women.

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About Ardre Orie and 13th and Joan Publishing:

Ardre Orie is a Chicago based celebrity ghostwriter, book publishing expert, playwright, film director and CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing House. In less than two years, 13th Joan and Publishing CO is well on track to publishing 200 novels todate. Orie has written for a host of clients including VH1, MTV, WETV, BRAVO, CENTRIC, YouTube, Grammy Award winning artists, the sports and entertainment industries as well as a bevy of entrepreneurs and everyday heroes. Some of Ardre’s most recent clients include: VH1’S Christina Johnson, VH1’s Amina Buddafly, MTV’s Javi Marroquin, Grammy Winner & Founder of the Commodores, Thomas McClary, the first African American Woman to receive funding on NBC’s Shark Tank and Hollywood  Hair Stylist Elgin Charles.

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