Relationships New Year’s Resolutions…..of sorts 2017!

I’m back, it’s Millie with Millie in the City with the number one dating and relationship forum in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.  Now that we have gotten that out the way, I want to discuss what you can do, relationship wise, going into 2017.  So in honor of that, this article is appropriately titled: Relationships New Year’s Resolutions…..of sorts 2017!

Well first and foremost, it has been said to me by JV Jones that there are so many people that need a major change in attitude for the New Year.  If you look at it, relationships are like a valuable investment, the more you put in, the higher you can get back in return. There are two sides to this coin: relationships can make some people happy and alive however, there are times that relationship make some people bitter and shattered into pieces. This is exactly where relationship tips and advice come into play. These tips on relationship tend to make the love and trust go stronger and longer lasting. Since I know that there are so many Singles who have been in a painful relationship for many years, I am in hopes that these tips can be a life saver/lifeline. These tips are for men and women who are aspiring to build a stronger and better relationship or even find love.

Personally, I hate making New Year’s resolutions. Half of the time, I myself and I know many others, forget to follow through with them (or just blatantly choose not to). Maybe it is because we are creatures of habit or maybe it is because the change we are seeking is not the kind of change we need, but at the moment I feel like there are some aspects of my life that I can make better. Here are a few dating resolutions that I want to commit to this coming New Yea and hopefully, this list of resolutions can be something we can all do together.

If you are aiming to make your relationship better in 2017, the following tips can be of valuable help:

  1. Confidence – In 2017, try to be more confident. When I was a teenager, I struggles with being confident. Confidence is attractive. Whether you are a man or woman, having the courage to go out into the world and believe you are worth it makes you seem put together. No one wants to be with someone who wallows in self-pity 24/7, so instead of thinking I am the kind of person who is always picked last in PE, I am going to believe that I am the type who picked first. Who knows, maybe I will be.
  1. Comparisons – Stop Comparing your to other Women/Men. The idea of being inadequate stems from comparing yourself to other women/men. Not only does it pit women/men against one another, but it lowers self-esteem. We all experience the struggles of dating, so we might as well fight the struggle together.
  1. Lames – at all cost, avoid Lames. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I want to say that 2017 is the year that lames for both genders should disappear from your life.
  1. Guilt – For some sad reason, some people end up feeling guilty whenever they break things off with someone they are dating. Deep down, you should not feel bad you end something (especially if you did not have feelings for the other person). Moreover, you should not feel like you are the bad person for not liking everyone you date.  We need to stop putting ourselves down and start taking care of ourselves. It is pointless to feel guilty. As for me, I would rather end things than string a person along.
  1. Lastly, Open-Mind – Try to be more Open-Minded – The future is a mystery, this much we know. You never know what will come your way. It is time to keep an open mind and an open heart when it comes to LOVE. Of course, we all have our expectations when it comes to dating, but it is time to take a step back and know what exactly those expectations are and whether or not they are realistic. This upcoming year, decide to give people the chance to let the “magic bomb explode;” who knows, you might be surprised by the outcome.

I hope these tip will help your Love Life and Dating Life.  Feel free to share your thoughts on this article.
























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