Sexing You

Sexing you
I want to feel your lips on my lips
Not the ones on my face but the ones between my hips
As i massage your scalp with my finger tips.
That’s right use your tongue to caress my pearl
As I quickly succumb to being your girl.
Now swing your feet up to the top of the bed
And let me give you some thorough head.
The kind that makes it hard to stand.
Reminding you why you’re my man.
Another suck another lick
Now it’s time for me to ride my dick.
Like a jockey about to win a race
I turn my back to you my ass you face.
Up and down
Round and Round
Baby, i told you this time we’re going pound for pound.
Make me scream and make me squirt.
Smack my ass real hard, yep make it hurt.
As our bodies intertwine and our souls connect
Flip me over yes Daddy demand your respect.
Make me cream and make me cum.
Remind me why you’re my number one.

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