Size Queen

I used to be a size Queen,
Because in my mind there was no way man with a small dingaling could handle the treasure between,
My massive thighs, big booty and curvaceous hips
All he could do for me was  use his tongue and caress my clit and lips.
I didn’t think he could stroke
This fat cat right, thought he’d be a joke.
Until the day I let my little short short hit.
Shoot it was the day I was forced to quit
Being a size queen.
He turned me into his ultimate fiend.
Shit, he might not be able to hit the bottom
But when it comes to caressing my walls man he got em.
Hell that encounter was long ago,
I’m very thankful he helped me so.
Showed me that a little fella has to know.
How to hit every crevice and every crack,
He has to break you down and make you come back.
It’s not the motion
Of the ocean
and It’s not  the size of the ship,
Hell it’s not even the way he rocks his hips.
It is however, the heart of the Captain.
Big or Little, doesn’t matter, with a big enough heart he’ll make it happen.
Lala Robinson


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