Sorority Sisters

The new VH1 sitcom Sorority Sisters has been making a tremendous buzz, and not in a favorable way. Before the shows air date there was a petition started to halt premiering of the show. Black sorority sisters, and fraternity brothers were not too keen of the idea of the show. They believe that it is not a true depiction of African American Greek life, and also that it perpetrates a negative stereotype. Although all the members are alumni Greeks there mannerisms to each other often causes discord, cattiness, and hostility.

African American sororities date back as far as 1908 which is more than a 100 years ago. The purpose of African American Greek sororities is to encourage sisterhood, and promote community/ global service.  These black organizations are sacred, and have served as pillars in the black community for over a century. During viewing of the show sisterhood is scarcely shown especially with the immense bickering of the ladies. There is also no sight of community service shown. These discrepancies make sense to why advertising has been pulled from major companies such as the NBA, Hallmark, Honda, Crayola, Victoria’s Secret, Carmex, and Sprint.   Although the mass audience did not want to view a show such as this because of various different reasons if the show would have been more authentic to the sorority’s purposes it is believed more people would have been accepting of the show. If the show did not display bickering, showed more of the Greek life such as Boule, community service or broadcasted some of the national & international programs all these sororities implemented, and service in, it would have been better receiving. The show would have made more sense being called Career Women since all the ladies are indeed pursuing careers, goals, and aspirations. Sorority Sisters is now just a television show that demonstrates nothing is sacred or off limits for television. What are your thoughts chime in below.