Soulful Singer Macy Gray Shut the Building Down at Bethesda Blues & Jazz!

This soulful singer, jazzy artist, songwriter, actress, the woman with that eclectic sound and one of a kind voice, Ms. Macy Gray walked out on stage at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper club to a sold out house not only on Friday but an amazing 2nd show on Saturday as well!!!  

Macy walked out on stage in this long gold tone dress and her signature Macy Gray hairstyle, that she has trademarked for years and she swooned the audience as usual.  She had her fans memorized, taken back, and then she had them on their feet dancing and screaming…..clapping and chanting her name wanting more.

In that MG style, she left the stage as the band played on, and came back in a red stunning dress,,,,, she again then after a few more songs and came back for her final appearance in a all black outfit that shut the building down.

When she hit her Grammy-nominated and award winning song “ I Try” at that point you knew it was no holding back the crowd. They erupted in song with her, dancing at the tables and any open spot that could be found, the party was on.

If you have not had the opportunity to witness this artist live, check your local venue schedules or go to any of her social media websites, or her webpage and find out if she is coming to a city near you and get your tickets quickly,,,,cause believe me, her shows sell out and it’s worth it!!!!

Article and photography by Mike Ware (M&M Photography)

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