Spotlighting 14th Place Candles and Owner Ali “Paris” Bunkles

Spotlighting 14th Place Candles and Owner Ali “Paris” Bunkles


Ali Bunkles fondly known as “Paris” is the owner and creator of 14th Place Candles.  Paris is a former corrections officer, and currently a police officer in the DMV area.  Due to the stressful nature of her occupation, she desperately sought an outlet which would allow her to decompress, so she started creating candles as her hobby.

Paris started making these candles in her kitchen, and back yard with a simple set up created by her supporting husband.  This relatively basic setup consisted of two hot plates and some old pots & pans; located under an old tent in her childhood home on 14th Place on Capitol Hill.  Hence the name “14th Place Candles.”

Her love for fragrances truly inspired her, and she wanted to share this inspiration by giving her candles as gifts to officers, military buddies, and of course family & friends.  This much needed hobby to relieve work related stress, vastly became a business empire in 2015.

She soon decided that it was time to take a leap of faith by making 20 handmade, scented candles of various fragrances; Egyptian, Amber, Mango, Apple & Peppermint, and she then proceeded to the local market to sell them.  Within 45 minutes all of her candles were gone, and she was even receiving request from people hoping to place orders!

The consumers were hooked and wanted more, they wanted to know when the website was coming, and how they could they contact her for more of these exclusive candle creations.  She knew at that very moment, that this was more than just a hobby.  Through the utilization of her branding coach and social media she began to build the 14th Place brand.  With continued faith and belief in herself, 14th Place Candles was expanding at a rapid rate, and soon Paris had to hire an assistant.

The biggest and most amazing moment came several months later when Paris was able to lease a warehouse/display room in Capitol Heights Maryland.  Her Warehouse’s Grand Opening/Launch was December 12th, 2015 and was so popular that Paris did a remix and repeat grand opening the very next weekend and sold out of quite a few fragrances.  She has established a few distribution deals in New York and New Jersey.  Paris has aggressively & consistently grown her business network, thus increasing her net worth.

Paris, is also a huge advocate for women in business, and shows her support for other companies by providing vending opportunities, hosting candle parties and creating effective events to bring business people together to network.  Paris admits, that she is loving every second of this amazing journey.  Stating “There Is NOTHING Too Hard For God.”

“Fragrance and colors inspire me” she says with a bright beautiful smile.  Paris’s flame is blazing hotter and higher with every move she makes.  It would be wise, to keep your eyes on 14th Place Candles.  Visit her website or warehouse where every customer is the boss.  You have the option to pick the size, set, color, and scent.  You run the show because 14th Place Candles was created with a peaceful mindset and we want your experience to be nothing short of pure bliss!

A Few Celebs Who Have Enjoyed Paris’s Candles Are:
Lil Mo and DJ Quick Silva from WKYS Morning sHOW
Wisdom Martin- Fox 5 News
Allison Seymore- Fox 5 News
Shawn Yancey- Fox 5 News
Miss Lawrence- Real Housewives of Atlanta
Tiana Von Johnson- The Queen of Wall Street and Brand Builder
James Malinchak- Secret Millionaire (Reality tv how)
Robyn Harris- Potomac Housewives of Atlanta
14th Place Candles is Available in 5 stores:
Paujo’s Beauty Boutique, 7815 Parston Drive, Forestville Maryland
Key2Impressions, 7410 Georgia Avenue NW
Suite 3
Washington DC
Yvettes Hair and Nails
1013 H St.
Washington DC
Pooch’s Pet Style and Grooming
7813 Parston Drive
Forestville, Maryland
Elite Secrets
525 North Charles Street
Baltimore Maryland
For more information, please visit: www.14thplacecandles.com

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