Spotlighting Author Morgan B. Holland

Morgan B. Holland believes self-love can heal all wounds and lead anyone to their authentic voice. Born in Washington, D.C., she took a chance and quit her job to write her first book, The Merge, in 2017 and to become a full-time entrepreneur. Morgan is the originating founder of Goal Care where she helps women build a fulfilled life they love through coaching and goal-specific strategies. While also teaching women how to identify, strengthen, and use their authentic voice. She currently resides in Baltimore, MD and is working on her next novel. 


Book Summary

Dr. Mye Amor Hart is a business mogul, mother, and wife. She lives a luxurious life with her husband, Deputy Commissioner William Hart. However, she is deeply unfulfilled. Mye became so good at taking care of others that she neglected herself. She doesn’t know who she is anymore. She only knows what she has accomplished. Mye has to decide what’s of more value, her current life or her finding her true self. She chooses herself and her life goes haywire.

Mye discovers her husband is cheating on her and that she’s the one financing his affairs. Her son Tem has an irreversible run in with the law and he is looking for her to save him. Mye looks to reignite an old flame not knowing if it is too late or too soon. She relinquished attachments to old identities and beliefs while expressing painful truths that threatens relationships and pushes boundaries.

As she’s strengthening her authentic voice, using it as her guide, someone from her past is trying to permanently silence her. Mye is embarking on this journey to her authentic self and exposing her vulnerabilities at the worst possible time. However, she has decided to love herself to freedom by any means necessary. Compulsively readable, The Merge is an emotionally exhilarating story of a woman’s journey through learning to love herself to her authentic voice.

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