Spotlighting J.R. Fenwick, Founder and CEO of FLipThatStock.com

DC Nitelife is Spotlighting J.R. Fenwick, Founder and CEO of FLipThatStock.com, an education and technology company that specializes in teaching people how the stock market works and how to make money FLipping Stocks using the latest technology!

Fenwick graduated from Hampton University with a degree in nursing/pre-med at the urging of his father, a doctor, and mother a nurse.

After graduating, he went on to work in a hospital as an RN for a year. Not wanting to continue on to medical school, he entered corporate america taking on various positions in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment and diagnostic industries. However, his true passion was being an entreprenuer.

While at his corporate job, Fenwick took each of his passions, which included playing guitar, recording and producing music, martial arts and marketing and turned them into profitable little businesses that combined surpassed his 6-figure corporate salary.

He quit his $100,000 A Year Job and went on to write the Award Winning Book, “How I Quit My $100,000 A Year Job” to inspire, motivate and educate others on how  to turn their passions into profits. He even launched his own TV show called, “The Kick Your BOSS To The Curb Show”. He became a featured speaker at many entrepreneur conferences on the topics of “Turning your passions into profits” and “Transitioning from your 9 to 5 to fulltime entrpreneurship”.

Little did Fenwick know that after purchasing a piece of music equipment for his recording studio from a stranger, who later became one of his best friends, that he would develop one of his biggest passion of all, “trading in the stock market”. His new friend encouraged him to learn how the stock market works and how to “actively” find, research, analyze and buy and sell stocks.

Fenwick began learning about the stock market from his friend and spending countless hours studying the stock market, even hiring a personal coach to accelerate his learning. He started investing in stocks and then began trading and eventually “flipping stocks”. He developed a talent, skill and system for profitably flipping stocks.  He began telling his friends about how to flip stocks and they began asking him to teach them. They also began telling others about him and soon Fenwick began receiving requests from all across the country to teach how the stock market works and how to flip stocks. That’s when Fenwick started FlipThatStock.com.

Since starting FlipThatStock.com, Fenwick has been featured on numerous radio shows, giving his insights on the stock market. He is also the featured speaker on the stock market and how to build a successful business at numerous conferences across the country.

His NEW Book, “How I Quit My Job and Built A Million Dollar Company” is scheduled for release in July 2017. 

Outside of work, J.R. enjoys spending time with his family, working out, studying and teaching martial arts and writing, recording and producing music and playing guitar.

J.R. Fenwick can be contacted at FLipThatStock@gmail.com or (877) 600-3749.  

To book the Life Changing, J.R. Fenwick for an engagement to speak at your event, go to: www.BookJRFenwick.com.

Fenwick looks forward to teaching you how to flip stocks and design the life you want and deserve!