Spotlighting M&M Photography

Spotlighting M&M Photography


Husband & Wife Photography Team (Mike Ware & Michon Ware) – Business Specializing in Studio Photography, Concert/Event Photography, Maternity/Baby Photo Shoots, Model Comp/Portfolio Photography

In the beginning, there was one (1), but now there are two (2). Mike Ware, an Inspector for the Prince George’s County’s Special Services Division and former Head of Security for high-profile entertainers such as Ice Cube, Keith Sweat, RL, Barry White, EWF, etc. and Michon Ware, (Mike’s Wife), a former Model/Socialite for JET Magazine (Centerfold), Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Runway and Catwalk Fashion Shows and many other outlets for modeling.

M&M (Mike & Michon) Photography started out as just a hobby for one and developed into a business opportunity vision to the other. Mike has stated, “To be completely transparent, I began my interest in the photography industry, just about 12 years ago. It took me to a place of peace and serenity, and grew into a passion that became a part of my soul. When people saw the photography I was creating, most for FREE, the hobby I once had was beginning to evolve, in a positive way.”

One evening after dinner, relaxing with bowls of ice cream, Michon turned to Mike and said, “Honey, what are we doing?” Mike a little confused asked, “What do you mean?” Michon said, “We are getting calls for a lot opportunities with people wanting us to take pictures and how much or do we have any packages? We’re getting calls for baby showers, baby professional photo shoots (up to 1 year old), birthday events, celebrity concerts, Red Carpet Photography, reunions (Class & Family), I mean, we are getting swamped! We need to make a decision, like yesterday.” Mike turned and said, “Babe, we can do it! Let’s do it! We can come up with flat rate and put together some packages. We can do it! Right!” Michon replied, “We can do whatever you want and if this is what you want to do, well, Bonnie and Clyde, let’s move forward!” So, it all began, over 2 bowls of ice cream, a passion and dream, and a bond of confidence that it could and would be done.

Over the next couple of months, which has now turned into years, and countless requests for photo ops, M&M Photography became a very well-known and respected name in professional photography throughout the music/entertainment industry, legal/political galas and events, fashion/swimwear, athletic genre (from pee-wee league to the Collegiate level), expanding families wanting to capture their precious moments forever frozen in time and M&M Photography is who they call.

We have truly been Blessed with being able to work with some of the greatest in the industry, such as Sheila E., El DeBarge, Stephanie Mills, Gladys Knight, Parliament-Funkadelic, The O’Jays, Kenny Lattimore, The National Bar Association (Past and Current Presidents – Past President Pamela J. Meanes and Current President Benjamin Crump). We have covered the Essence Festival in New Orleans and the 2016 Triumph Awards Presented by National Action Network & TV One and countless personal precious captured at baby showers, birthdays (from 1 to 92 years old), intimate maternity portraits, fashion shows and studio photography… We have truly been Blessed with being able to do what most people only dream of doing. We owe these Blessings to many, many people and establishments that have opened their doors to us and trust us with capturing their priceless moments and we humbly and sincerely say, “Thank you! MandM Photography”

James “Mike” Ware – Owner/CEO/President

Michon “Chon” Ware – Co-Owner/CFO/Vice President

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