Spotlighting William “Bill” Massey Maker of the Restroom Kit

Spotlighting William “Bill” Massey Maker of the Restroom Kit



The Restroom Kit is your public bathroom survival kit. It keeps you prepared and protected so you can get in and out without touching a thing! Let’s put those worries behind you. Carry The Restroom Kit! The compact all in one kit that has fresh and clean essentials needed when Nature calls. Have peace of mind before entering the restroom.

Makers of The Restroom Kit William Y Massey Jr, Founder/ CEO of TimeAway LLC was established in 2012. Bill’s wife Sonia along with several members of the founding investment group called “The 44” keeps the company moving. In a strategic effort to build a company that was recession proof, TimeAway, LLC, a product development company was created.  TimeAway LLC chose The Restroom Kit as its flagship product, which Bill created out of necessity for his family when his children were younger. The problem which made Bill go into action then, is still very prevalent today.

bill-masseyBill is an Army veteran, who currently lives in Clinton Md.  He and his wife, Sonia have 3 children which are contributing to society in different professions. Bill spent two years at Virginia Union University before joining the Army. After leaving the Army he was employed by the federal government for 21 years. During the last 4 years of his federal government career, Bill enrolled in Brightwood College (formerly TESST College) to pursue a career in the field of Information Technology.  Bill was able to obtain his A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications and used those certifications to leverage a positon with a successful Fortune 500 IT firm. Although Bill was employed by a great company, his ultimate goal was to run his own company. In 2008, Bill started a Real Estate Investment company called “Journey to Success,” which ran its course after 2 years due to the real estate crisis that took place during the recession.

As an example; if you’re out having a great time with love ones and someone has to take a restroom break, you may run into the following situation.  You find the restroom is a mess, some of the items needed aren’t there or is too soiled to use (i.e. missing toilet paper, soap, paper towels etc.) What options do you have knowing that most, if not all of the items in the restroom are contaminated or missing? Using the existing items make you a victim of OPP (Other People Poop), because fecal matter is spewed throughout the restroom from uncovered toilet bowls. For those reasons, The Restroom Kit was created. A product that gives peace of mind to those using public restrooms. Having the satisfaction of knowing you have what is needed and it’s sanitary for your personal care is a growing pleasure.

TimeAway will continue to bring products like The Restroom Kit to the market place for entrepreneurs and inventors who are willing to trust their instincts and move ahead with their gifts.

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