SUGAR GIRL SQUAD: Federal Hill Spring Block Party, April 23

Back by popular demand after filling the streets of Federal Hill with those Deep Sugar “feel good” vibes last year!!

Situated next to Baltimore’s Famous “Cross Street Market” is the music stage where the Girl Squad will be bringing the beats, the vocals and sunshine good times!

Start time 2pm
Ending 7pm SHARP!!

Don’t be late!! Last year was awesome with the heads dancing in the streets!

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Over this past weekend I attended my first @deepsugarparty. It was, simply, an experience. #House music, rejuvenated, given back the energy and the soul and the flair that it so sorely lacks in today’s mainstream. I was a newcomer, but I instantly felt at home. I could feel the dozens of years of history that led to this performance in every kick and hi hat. Every face had a smile and not a single body was still. The whole worldwide house community needs to be taking notes on what these two bad ass black ladies @ultranatemusic and Lisa Moody are doing because they are on a whole different level.


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