The Animal Within

The time has come, he’s finally here. She feels her heart skip beats as he comes near. Her palms sweat
 and her knees get weak
She’s reminded of all those times she’s heard him speak
With his country twang
She remembers the first time he sang
From his southern drawl
To his words about he’d have her sprawl
Across the bed
With her hands cuffed above her head.
And just how that’s where
He’ll find her upon his return from work when he gets there.
The anticipation has driven her nuts
Now that he’s here she knows there can be no and, ifs or buts
She waits for him to knock on the door
Can’t believe she’s this nervous, she’s done this before
But not with a man of this caliber
As she tries to gather
Her nerves she glances around the room
Laughing as she used to call it where she lowered the boom
After tonight it will be called another place
A thought so rare she can’t stand to face.
She’s so lost in thought that she doesn’t hear his knock
So to see him standing there when she turned around was a total Shock
Her knees went weak
And she couldn’t speak
He pulled out her chair never allowing to hit the floor
When he touched her she growled much Louder than ever before.
She sat there in a sate of surprise
See, She knew she was a Cougar, but she never fully understood how true it was until she saw herself in his eyes.
Imagine that
as bad as a Bear but as pretty as a Cat.
That night she found true love
However, not as you’d suppose
She found it there at the tip of her knows
She finally saw what he could see
True love for herself and what she was to be.
As graceful as a Cougar,
More deadly than a 9mm Ruger,
As poised as a Queen,
In waiting for her King,
As beautiful as a diamond in the rough,
As strong as leather, this lady was tough.
As gentle as a baby
And just finally maybe
Aged to perfection,
Enough to follow his direction.
As she allowed him to lead
Her to the bed
She finally heard the words he said.
My goal tonight was to make love to you
But not until you found the true you as I do
Making love to your mind came first
My dear that was only the first part of me quenching your thirst.
Your body became a gift,
something that I could obtain just by being swift.
Your emotions run high and deep
I had those without losing any sleep.
What I had to do was touch your spirit animal
To curb your carnal
Desires to open your eyes
So you could see that you are wise
And the beauty that’s you
Now close your eyes my dear and rest
For later I will put your body through another test.
You see your knees get weak
And you can’t even speak
Allow me to show you what happens when I make your orgasms peak
Back to back with no pause or break
Tell me love how much of that can you take?
To Be Continued….
A “Lady Coy” Original


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