The Help

“The H.e.l.p.”

Sometimes situations & people come in time when you least expect……………….

I prayed for help from on high

I prayed for help and each night I cried

To the

Lord above to send me someone to show me real love (like Mary J)

Love for my seed and I

Love for my tear stained eyes love for

My lonely mind

So the help he sent and came in

The form of a gentleman

At work one day I didn’t expect

For him to come my way

He was quiet, smooth, dark as mystery of night,

I took one glance at him and he at me

Not knowing this was the help

That would soon help me

Numbers were exchanged

Late night talks ensued

I got to know him he got to know me too

Seeds were being planted like flowers in a garden

Invitations came to a holiday party and

After that an after party at his

Home, his hotel

Passionate love was made as our souls exchanged

Soon the moon turned into a sun’s gaze

He wanted more but I couldn’t give him

The help came to help me but I ran

And ran and ran and ran couldn’t give up my beliefs

6 months later he came back

6 months later he came back

7 months later we were back on track

I on my back so many nights

As he thrust and showed his love

Patient, thorough, passionate and sweet

Taking every stroke he had me

Under his spell… he was truly helping me (or was he?)

I decided now that I wanted more

I wanted more I wanted more

Oh God how I wanted more

Oh God how I wanted more

Oh God

how I wanted more

But he didn’t want what I came for

He wanted to be free and not tied

Down with me

How disappointed I came to be

Help came with financial planning, health and mind

Help came with better time

Management so that’s all the help said that I could get

Friends said no leave the help you don’t need him no more

Not all help is good

Not all help is right

Help will not keep you on your back all night

Help with push you forward- but he did

Yes- he did!!

So now I must ask …. Can I help myself? For I know that my

help is for a limited time; we know that our time is short (he must move on)

I know everyone needs some help

But is help worth forsaking peace of mind?

My help said he came to give me what I need and not what I want

(So here I am ) Alone……..

pensive………. contemplating …..thinking…. what the hell is my decision??

Help said that he had to go and grow

His life and livelihood

So I must prepare to say goodbye to the help that helped me but

Left me turned out and lonely

Left me turned out and lonely

Yet stronger mentally and physically and more guarded

Never will I let help help me again

I will help my damn self; I will be ok

But– I learned one thing:

Help is not help unless they help you all the way.

Help does not leave

Help loves like he did but stays… it’s not temporary.

Help can love and make love

Help will not leave you and step out to help its own selfish needs

“Needs” that I discovered through a clandestine text read

True help comes from above

And That’s all the help that I need.

A Lesson learned indeed.

He made me experience


Love and new physical levels as well as


I will never be the same again………..



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