Thousands Attend 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March

This special historical day will be remembered by thousands for years to come.  The theme was “Justice or Else” and was intended for not just African Americans, but also Native Americans, Hispanics, women and any other racial and ethnic groups. There were people from all over the world who attended and wanted to show the world that all lives matter regardless of your race.

There were people in attendance as far as you could see covering the entire mall area.  From the monument to the steps of the capitol, there were people standing side-by-side in unity and harmony.  Speeches were heard from many and everyone agreed that it is time to stop ALL THE VIOLENCE AND HATRED!! 

Minister Farrakhan stated As we look at the trend all over the world, the cry for justice is universal.”

The common message among everyone was they hope that this will be the beginning of things changing for the better and raising awareness across OUR GREAT COUNTRY.